„Tai mano įsakymas, kad vienas kitą mylėtumėte, kaip aš jus mylėjau“ Jn 15, 9–17
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Short history

Bernardinai youth center was found in 27th April of 2007. Group of Vilnius Bernardinai parish Franciscan youth wanted to have a place where they can be, be educated by Catholic faith, use their own talents to spread God‘s word and be a part of Catholic church. Franciscan brothers of local parish had helped to fund it. In 2007 were started regular retreat weekend organization, also local Franciscan youth fraternity meetings every week. Also we got monies to have opportunity to have three different worship bands and choir. In 2008 also it were started relationships with youth from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. Center had organized many summer vocations for them. It was opportunity to meet young people, share faith, views of life. Also this year we had released new worshipping album for Ichthus group. In 2009 we were part of cultural night program in Vilnius. It was first time when we organized a worshipping concert in Bernardinai churchyard. In 2008 we finally got our own minibus for our work. In 2009 were started Franciscan children program who helped to them try to meet and seek God in different activities.


Vision, mission, purpose

  • Vision
    Bernardine Church Youth Center is a youth organization in integrating young people into the St. Francis of Assisi (Bernardine) parish.
  • Mission
    Respond to the needs of young people of the parish to grow in faith and bear witness to Christ.
  • Purpose
    Unite and educate young people to evangelize and preach the good news to others

Activities and ministries


  • Take care of youth ministry (Franciscan youth Wednesday evenings, retreats, Franciscan childs Fridays lectures on relevant topics).
  • To preach the gospel, sharing the available talents through music, the word of God, a living testimony.
  • Find connection with the adoption and socialization while living centers for boys and girls.
  • To organize cultural events that would help encourage young people to seek God.


  • Advent and Lent retreat weekends for youth;
  • The organization west of praise;
  • Lectures on current topics of youth organization (the knowledge of the Word of God, the body of theology, bioethics etc.)
  • Evangelization (Kamajai parish youth custody);
  • Social service (Veliucionys Vilnius socialization center);
  • Travel to various Christian events organization (Lithuanian Youth Day, a Christian music festival)
  • Magazine "Po Bernardinų skliautais” publishing in digital and paper formats;
  • Participation in the city of Vilnius culture night program - "The light shines in the darkness" (Christian music concert tours of the Bernardine Church, films);
  • St. Cecilia St. Bernardine parish youth groups praise;
  • Financial assistance to the Franciscan Youth (organizing training on Wednesday evenings, social and evangelistic ministries) Franciscan children, Bernardine worship youth groups (album publishing, evangelization to other cities), and adolescents who Bernardine parish is preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation (retreat).


You can donate for us:
Name of the organization: Viešoji įstaiga „Bernardinų jaunimo centras“
Code of the organization: 300667018
Organization address: Maironis street 10-3, Vilnius, Lithuania
IBAN: LT 06 70440 6000 598 7703
Bank name and code: AB SEB bankas, code 70440
Bank address: Gedimino pr. 12, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania


  • Adrress Maironio street 10-3, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Mobile phone +370 686 73408 (Gintarija)
  • Email: Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlų. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį.